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Sending Guidelines

Mailway Mail Merge addon sends the emails from your Gmail (or Google Workspace) account. Hence, you must follow Google’s guidelines if you are sending out bulk emails (i.e. similar emails to multiple recipients). Following the guidelines and best practices will help to improve email deliverability and less spams.

Read the following articles by Google:

  1. Gmail Program Policies
  2. Gmail sending limits in Google Workspace
  3. Limits for sending & getting mail
  4. Prevent mail to Gmail users from being blocked or sent to spam
  5. Spam and abuse policy in Gmail

Additionally, we have summarized a few points that can help you maximize email deliverability.

Warm up your Gmail account

If you have just created your Gmail account or usually do not send a lot of email, we strongly recommend to warm up your Gmail account.

Validate your email list

Try to avoid using third party email list. Make sure the recipient email addresses are valid. Clean up invalid email ids on a regular basis. Google can block your email if your campaign bounce rate is high.

Small campaign can provide better result

Don’t create email campaign with lots of recipients. Instead, break it into multiple small campaigns and maintain delay (e.g. wait a few hours) between campaigns.

Validate email content before sending

Use the Preview Emails feature to make sure the email is properly formatted. Personalize the email to give it a more human touch.

Give recipients an easy way to unsubscribe

If you are sending cold emails, make sure to include unsubscribe link. Also make sure to clean up your email list once a recipient unsubscribes.